Alain Heureux IAB Europe. intervju i video #DigitalDay

Odlično predavanje na Digital Day 2012. konferenciji održao je Alain Heureux iz IAB Europe. Uživajte:



Bio je inspirativan i ljubazan da odgovori na nekoliko  pitanja:

  -klik za veću sliku…



Please, describe in a few sentences in your own way how you see yourself?

An Evangelist of Digital but hoping I will not finish like my predecessor “visionary, well known but crucified” ;-(


Are you aware of the fact that you influence the lives of many people through your work?

That’s all about entrepreneurship…inspiring people, driven by passion and very demanding towards people…but hopefully very rewarding as well!


In what way would you like to influence others?

Don’t sit down waiting for solutions but dream, act, try, dare and never stop…even if you fail….stand-up and try again….because Europe will need many of us to survive in the powergame of the next decade


What does  phrase “something nice” mean for you?

Waking up in the morning with your wife in your arms and the sunshine in the window…and hearing your kids in the house making fun but not disturbing you..enjoying life and filling your batteries for the next business challenge!


“Ljubav, muzika i sve nešto lepo…”  Nisam jedini koji forsira  ovu predivnu rečenicu, hvala predivnom Alanu!




Vladimir Stankovic

DedaBor#ljubav, muzika i sve nešto lepo...

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